Verita Healthcare invests in Hanako

Verita Healthcare Group Limited has made a strategic equity investment in Hanako GmbH.

Hanako’s innovative platform uses world-class portable MedTech devices to precisely capture personal health data using evidence-based examinations, then deliver personalised health informatics based on AI-enabled analysis and reporting in real-time. Their doctor rounds off each check-up with a detailed consultation on what the results mean, and what the individual should do next to address any health risks or issues identified.

With the surge in preventable chronic diseases accounting for 75% of deaths worldwide, and associated healthcare inflation adding unsustainable pressure to global economies, disease prevention is a hot topic affecting families, employers, insurers and governments.

Hanako Medical Director Prof. Uwe Nixdorff says “Many chronic disease conditions can be detected early and avoided through modifying lifestyle and harnessing medical technology to better monitor and manage health indicators. The need to change from reactive disease management into proactive disease prevention is urgently needed. Hanako arms individuals with the information they need to precisely understand their health, and knowledge of what they should do to prevent or reverse chronic disease. ”Hanako’s growing European client base includes large multinational companies and they are now collaborating with Verita for international growth. Verita is an award-winning, global leader in healthcare that aims to combine the best medical technologies and scientific innovations with a personalised, preventive and integrative approach.

Under its “Verita Wisdom” advanced diagnostics offering, Verita is integrating Hanako’s scalable platform within its global Verita Health centres, starting with Bangkok which launched in early July 2018. Feedback from Verita’s clients on its new service has been very positive.

“Intelligently combining computer learning with human medical knowledge to ensure that patients’ health issues and risks are identified and proactively addressed as early as possible to optimally support individual health goals and help prevent chronic diseases aligns with our vision. We are positioned as a leading global provider of precise, preventative health solutions and Verita Wisdom, powered by Hanako’s platform, is an ideal extension to Verita’s holistic service portfolio for next-generation healthcare”, CEO Verita Healthcare Group Julian Andriesz said.

Verita and Hanako have also agreed to partner and roll-out mobile health screenings to corporations and insurance companies internationally.

Hanako Commercial Director Michael Mayr added “In Verita Healthcare Group, we are delighted to have found an investor who fits perfectly with our corporate values and with whom we will jointly drive Hanako’s strategic orientation and international success”.