Hanako goes international

The first international Software-as-a-Service project was launched in Thailand in early July.

The Verita Health Clinic MahaNakon is located in the MahaNakon complex, at 314m the highest and one of the most modern buildings in Bangkok.

In addition to high-quality wellness treatments, the clinic offers numerous screenings in the area of individualised health care. This offer is now supplemented by the Hanako health checks.

To ensure a smooth introduction of the health checks, a Hanako team has travelled to Bangkok. First, the technical infrastructure was set up on site and two treatment rooms prepared for the health checks. During detailed training, the medical assistants were introduced step by step to the procedure and contents of the health checks. At the same time, the doctors had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Hanako software and the structured consultation. In addition, the Hanako team also supported the clinic management with strategic marketing questions.

Hanako looks forward to continuing to work with our first international SaaS partner and continuously expanding the health checks.