Employees are the most important factor for corporate success

“The decisive factor, and our number one success factor, is not the assortment, not the format, it is not the manager, it is the entire workforce,” states Metro CEO Olaf Koch.

Flexible working hours, a balanced work-life balance and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle are today integral aspects for many companies.

Regular health check-ups for employees are also a major and important cornerstone of corporate health. Through such preventive examinations, potential illnesses can be detected and treated at an early stage, i.e. even before subjective complaints occur.

Heart attacks are a drastic example. According to the German Heart Foundation, more than 300,000 Germans suffer a heart attack every year. However, 80% to even 90% of this could be avoided by diagnosing permanent high blood pressure and other factors at an early stage and doing something about it, according to prevention expert Prof. Dr. med. Uwe Nixdorff.

Employees are not the focus of every company for a long time yet, although they and their health are so important for success. A rethinking and the focusing on each individual and individual coworker are necessary for it.